Fishing in the Gairloch Area

Loch na h-Oidhche

Loch na h-Oidhche (Loch of the night) is a remote hill loch which offers excellent fishing for wild brown trout amid the majestic scenery of the Torridon mountains. The fish are hard-fighting and average ¾ lb with bigger fish present.

The loch fishes well from May onwards. In June and July it is possible to fish most of the night. The margins on both sides of the loch fish well and offshore drifts, where the bottom just shelves out of view, should produce fish.

Fishing is by fly only from boat or bank. There is one boat, equipped with an outboard motor, on the loch. Largely black flies such as Black Pennell, Bibio and Viva do well here but, as always, most traditional flies can prove effective.

There is a bothy, Poca Buidhe meaning ‘yellow bothy’, near the loch which can be booked in advance. Anglers using this facility will find themselves comfortably accommodated in a remote and wildly beautiful area of the Highlands with superb fishing at hand.

See page 13 for the ‘Poca Buidhe fishing experience’.

Almost within casting distance are the Gorm Lochs, a group of small lochs with a reputation for large trout. There are no boats on these lochs but bank fishing with traditional patterns usually gives good sport. Fish in the region of 2 lb are caught each season.

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South of Loch na h-Oidhche and the Gorm Lochs are the Strath Lungard Lochs. This myriad collection of lochs and lochans is hemmed in by a magnificent ring of Torridon mountains and densely populated with hard-fighting wild brownies.

The region can provide days of enjoyable and productive fishing among some of the finest scenery in Wester Ross. You can wander with eager anticipation from loch to loch, each one full of new promise and surprises, each loch characterised by the size and quality of its fish.

Although the scenery is spectacular, it is remote and the lochs are high above sea level. Mist can descend suddenly and the weather can change quickly and dramatically. Do not venture into this region without map and compass and the ability to use them. This area of Wester Ross offers a last chance to experience the adventure of wilderness fishing.

The bothy, Poca Buidhe, is stone built and accommodates 4 people comfortably. It has a flush toilet, a gas cooker and cooking utensils, gas lighting and a wood-burning stove. Calor gas and logs are provided. Anglers using the bothy have first option on the boat on Loch na h-Oidhche for which fuel for the outboard is provided.

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Fishing on Loch na h-Oidhche, from the bank or boat, can be booked at the Post Office, Anchorage, Pier Rd, Gairloch. Bank fishing on the Gorm Lochs is included. The bothy can also be booked here.